How to use Guitar Picks

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Many guitar lovers have a lot of research on guitar, but do you know the specific method of picking? Here we come to find out.

The shape and thickness of the pick.The shape and thickness of the picks are different. If you are playing decomposition you can use a 0.7 mm – 1.0 mm thick paddle; If you are playing sweeping you can use a paddle from 0.5mm to 0.8mm thick.

How to use guitar picks

How to use picks ?

Playing method with the guitar pick: The other three fingers that do not take the pick are naturally bent, slightly attached to the panel, and can not use the wrist force when pushing the Pick up and down, but use the thumb and forefinger together. When dialing down, the thumb is swiping down, and when dialing up, the index finger is up.

How to use guitar picks

How to use the guitar picks to sweep the strings:

The wrist is very important when sweeping the string, it needs to be flexible and flexible, and the movement track at the front end of the paddle should be curved.

How to use guitar picks

Preparation for sweeping the string:

The wrist is slightly flipped outwards, causing a 45° tilt between the guitar pick and the board.

At this time the wrist can’t turn, but it needs to go straight down. At this time, the motion track of the front end of the pick is straight. The plane of the pick should be the same as the direction of the strings, do not tilt. Whether playing a single tone or sweeping a string, the pickup and the guitar board should be kept at a certain slope as much as possible to prevent your pickup from being caught by the strings accidentally being caught.

How to use guitar picks

Pay attention:

When you play a single tone or decompose a chord, it is recommended not to deliberately stretch the little finger to make a fulcrum on the board. Instead, the wrist is relaxed when playing, and the finger naturally leans against the top to become a pivot. In this way, the fingers will not work hard.

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