8 points about folk songs

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1.The folk songs are singing three points while playing seven points, so singing is very important. The only way to improve your singing skills is to practice more, so it’s best to sing when you play (at least in peacetime), especially in the high-pitched section. Don’t swallow your voice back because the sound is too high. It’s best to scream out loud. Some people may think that their voice is not good, how can it be! No matter how good the donkey is, it is not practiced. A little experience, when you sing, you have to infuse your feelings.

8 points about folk songs
8 points about folk songs

2.It is very terrible to be unfamiliar with songs when playing, so it is best to clear the overall outline and structure of the song before you are ready to play this song. For example, where to return, how to repeat, repeat several times, and so on.

3.Playing is the most difficult thing to master is the beat, so it is best to develop the habit of playing the beat when practicing, it is recommended not to use the metronome (of course, it is still possible when you just practice). If you have a dependency on the metronome, it’s not good.

4. The pitch when singing is also very important. C-song songs can be sung with D. But if you still use the chord of C, it would be terrible. It is difficult to find the tone. The way to overcome it is to practice more and listen more (you can practice on the guitar, such as first finding a 1 on the guitar, listening to it and then playing a random tone to find out what is the sound, of course, someone else plays you ).

5.Be proficient in all the chords and spells of the song. Many people like to practice only chords while practicing, while right-handed techniques are used with sweeps of the same rhythm. I personally feel that this is not feasible, because the feelings of some songs are not expressive. And slowly practicing according to the actual bombing method can not only better play this song, but also enrich your right hand technique over time. You must not be afraid of trouble during practice, and don’t be afraid of being slow. After all, what we want is not speed but precision. If you have a hard time, you should consult a master and you will be able to attack slowly.(If you can understand the scores and attack a difficult time is the problem of time), you should practice your most unfamiliar places over and over again.

6.Don’t just practice new songs, don’t forget the previous ones, and go back and review more.

7. Basic exercises can’t be less, don’t think that you can play songs, the scale is also very important.

8. If you want to work well, I suggest you use a good guitar.

8 points about folk songs
8 points about folk songs
8 points about folk songs PDF